Monday, December 7, 2009

Finally We're Blogging :)

Hello friends and family! So our little family is now together living in an apartment in Provo as of this week :) We have been so blessed! After a rocky past 6 months it seems like things are coming together so well and we are SO grateful. Ben got a job working at the hospital here in Provo and he is working hard on his major at BYU in Actuarial Science. He loves school and plans to finish in about a year. I graduated in August from BYU in Elementary Education. We had our beautiful baby Claire on June 4th and we can't get enough of her! She is so interactive and adorable and spends the day home with mama :)We are buddies! We are so happy to be together for the holidays. I had such a fun time putting up the Christmas decorations while Claire tried to eat them all. haha! Aunt Veronica came over and brought Claire adorable Christmas pajamas last night and she wore them all day. Here's a few pictures of her in them! Thanks Ronnie! We're so excited to go visiting Grandma Suzy Ma and Grandpa Dan Pa in about a week and a half for a Pre-Christmas Celebration! Claire and I just spent about a month in Arizona with Grammy G and Grandpa and we miss them so much! So this is all for today!
Luvs from the Parks